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for Team Gourdin Agents

These are additional benefits I can provide to your business


  • Free Marketing Campaigns 
    • Do you have a lot of leads but not a lot of time?  We'll run a campaign to get them to call you  instead of you having to call them
  • Toll-free Number
    • Want to give customers a toll-free number to call that rings directly to your phone?  I can provide that for you as long as it is only used to conduct business for carrier contracts through SoundadviceMD.
  • Cold List
    • Do you want to do a maildrop or cold call campaign (Non-Medicare Advantage/Part D)?
    • Tell me the demographics you want and I can most likely get you a list at no cost to you.
  • Business Email address
    • I can provide you an email address on my SoundadviceMD domain at no cost to you.
  • Landing Page
    • Do you want to have a web address to share with your customers and their referrals?
    • This can be a great lead generation tool.
    • I can provide that to you at no charge.
  • Need help developing a marketing strategy
    • I can help you develop your own system to keep you busy, productive and profitable.
  • Appointment Setters
    • Step your game up to professional grade appointment setting services. You work primarily prescheduled appointments.

If you need help, ask for it.

Don't wait for me to come to you.

Please understand that I am very seldom doing nothing.

So if you call me, that means I'm stopping what I'm doing to help you.

‚ÄčIf you have a quick question (<15 minutes) please chat me through ZOHO

Wherever possible, please schedule your time with me.

I prefer to meet "Face to Face" online through ZOOM


"If you want more out of life, you deserve Sound advice"