Marketing Benefits

We provide the best marketing technology and data solutions to help you ensure your customers receive insurance expertise beyond compare. As your in-house marketing agency, we provide lead generation as well as the following bonuses for Team Gourdin agents:

Additional bonuses that can be provided to your business:

    • Free Dialer Campaigns (As long as you are writing at least 4 NET Cigna MA sales per month) 
    • New Leads to purchase
      • Facebook leads $10 each for SoundadviceMD agents (Learn More)
    • Free Agency Blanket E&O coverage
      • Covers you for carriers and business contracted through SoundadviceMD only.
      • Policy details should already be available on your Surancebay Profile under E&O.
    • Business Email address
      • I can provide you an email address on the domain at no cost to you.
    • Landing Page
      • Wouldn’t it be advantageous to have a web address to share with your customers and their referrals? This can be a powerful lead generation tool.
      • We are happy to provide this to you at no charge!
      • Samples: William Vargas OR Cynthia Campbell
    • Do you need help developing a winning marketing strategy?
      • We can help you develop a personal system to help keep you busy, productive and profitable.
    • Top Producing Agent Perks
      • (Direct Agents and participating sub-agencies) Free leads and Dialers for agents with 4 or more NET Cigna MA sales prior month
      • (Direct Agents) Write 8 Cigna NET sales in a month and we cover the cost of your GPB CRM and phone (up to $225)
      • (All Agents) Write 10 net Cigna sales in a month and we cover the cost of your GPB CRM and phone (up to $225) and Lead Screener for the next month (Valued at $600)