Lead Pokes

  1. Who are we(Being Rebranded to AdviceonMedicare.com): https://samd.community/whoweare
  2. Facebook Follow-up: http://bit.ly/SAMDFBC
  3. Why we are calling: Click for viewing and download options
  4. Internet Lead Follow-up: https://samd.community/Benepath

  1. Retention New MA Customer: https://samd.community/60days
  2. Retention Current Client AEP Reminder: https://samd.community/ANOC
  3. Cross-sell Life Insurances for couples: https://samd.community/Life42
  4. AEP for Prospective Clients: https://samd.community/AEP4U
  5. Medicare Basics (Does Medicare cover dental?)- https://samd.community/Dental
  6. Medicare Basics (Health Insurance Basics): https://samd.community/HIB
  7. What is AEP:
  8. What is OEP:


  1. Agent Recruiting About SoundadviceMD: https://samd.community/joinus
  2. Agent Recruiting-85% more commission explained: https://samd.community/85per
  3. Agent Onboarding- https://samd.community/Onboarding
  4. Agent Training: VCC Compliant Call walkthrough: https://vimeo.com/user53009234/review/355710396/3834fc6020


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